BPM - The success goes to our clients - On top of a professional, motivated, trained and certified team, we’ve been implementing world class reference BPM projects at our clients for 10+ years, being one company providing both expert development and consulting services. Check out some examples >

Natalie Semmes, KPMG

Elliot Daly, Control Risks

Joan Amigó Oliva & Joan Carles Pons, HIPRA

Luís Veiga Martins, Sociedade Ponto Verde

Fernando Resina da Silva, VdA

Filipe Vasconcelos, ADENE

Filipe Vasconcelos"The collaboration with SAFIRA proved to be very productive and incredibly efficient. ADENE is always looking for new tools that address market needs and seek to differentiate the Portuguese engineering cluster,  fulfilling our mission of serving the entire value chain of energy efficiency in Portugal. The Energy Labelling System (SEEP) has been highly praised by the community of users and we plan to extend its scope to other product categories, besides glass windows. We’ve already had several approaches from institutions across borders for the internationalization of the platform, which means a lot in this economic climate for all companies involved in its creation and operation."

Filipe Vasconcelos
General Director, ADENE

José Sousa Macedo"The integration of SAFIRA’s team with the internal VdA’s team, the perception of our goals and the understanding of our limitations were critical to the success of this project. The ratio of user adoption of the new platform is huge and this is also SAFIRA’s merit, because it not only managed to deploy the tool, but also to provide the know-how and its added-value."

José Sousa Macedo
Executive Administrator, VIEIRA DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS

Rui Ribeiro"SAFIRA's expertise in the BPM area and its experience in similar projects have proven to be a guarantee for the success of this project. MEGA Platform brought a clear advantage to the alignment of the IT with the business."

Rui Ribeiro

"We are confident that MICLEAR, as a flexible and customized solution, fully addresses our members needs in terms of reliability, performance and features. It is also our belief that MICLEAR is adequately prepared to meet future challenges. We are very pleased with the outcome of this project."

Sofia Barbosa
Operations Director, OMICLEAR

Luís Veiga Martins"Quartz is a very user-friendly tool, allowing us to quickly develop the applications that we need to notably improve our service level and time-to-market."

Luís Veiga Martins

Inês Lima"SAFIRA has worked jointly with PA in order to understand our business needs and to develop the solution that better suits Go-to-Market Online area. With the automation of time-consuming manual activities, we are more efficient in the market segmentation and clients selection  processes. Now, we can dedicate more time to core and critical activities."

Inês Lima
Online Go-to-Market Manager, PÁGINAS AMARELAS

Miguel Ribeiro"My work experience with SAFIRA is always characterized by going beyond my expectations."

Miguel Ribeiro

"Definitely, a company of reference in consulting best-practices."

Pedro Vilhena
Projects Coordinator, HOSPITAL DE SANTA MARIA


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